Hello lyrics lover! Today I am going to write HAVE YOU SEEN HIM Lyrics.


[Verse 1:]
I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care if it ain’t fair
I ain’t trying to be there, I don’t really wanna share
What I make with some chick in my ear
And some kid in my face I’m a up and disappear
Be clear I’m sincere I was telling you my fears
I don’t know if you ignored me or you didn’t wanna hear
I been there, my pops, my moms, they was scared
I ain’t scared, I’m terrified. I’m a go to hell if I
Leave and continue the cycle, but I told you to kill it
You was gripping the Bible like “let’s pray, just stay”
I can not be his idol, you not even my girl I ain’t give you a title
Listen to me, my own Daddy said “Son I’m running to the store.”
We was out of bacon or something, he wanted more
All I can remember is his job had laid him off
So maybe he was stealing that bacon and got caught
Either that happened or maybe he got lost
‘Cause 20 years passed and he ain’t walk back through the door
That shit should be against the law
I know this kid wasn’t begging to be born
I know that, I know what you saying, it’s our fault
We ain’t have to go raw, I’m wrong oh Lord
I remember like yesterday, staring at his picture
Every Father’s day I’d bother other grownups ‘scuse me mister
Have you seen him?
He resembles me a tad bit, I think he walks with a bad limp
I can’t remember
Every year I got sadder, I’m saying prayers writing letters to Santa
That nigga ain’t answer
Saw him in the mall and I snapped. Can you bring my daddy back?
Duke kicked me off his lap
So you wonder why I’m lost
Wonder why I’m pissed off
I ain’t never have a baby how much do they cost?


If you love your seeds then let them know
Better yet be there to see them grow, Have you seen him?
No he never ever came back home
Leaving Mama working on her own, have you seen him?

[Verse 2:]
I guess I’m actually bitter, we dudes should take heed strap up when you with her
Shit is really real, you’ll be like Shaquille O’neal’s
Father, see your son rich and try to get back in the picture
But the frame’s on tight and it’s a family portrait.
Step daddy stepped in and you can’t even force it
There’s a thin line between murdering and abortion
And the pill you can take right after the morning
But when all else fails there’s a life that’s depending on
Guidance, teaching, and love and a friend to call
Or better yet a support system to show
How a man supposed to be when he’s grown
And you wonder why hoes, be existing or why kids join sets
How mamas, can become babymamas and be upset
‘Cause we don’t wanna give up shoe coppin’ for school shopping
Be there or leave, there’s 2 options
And one of ’em f*cks up the world
You don’t love the girl, the child’s left alone, she wilds out, she roams
The boy wrecks his dome and you know the story
Who says the kid’s mine call Maury?


Momma you did everything you can
Momma you did everything you can
But you can’t teach me to be a man
You can’t teach me to be a man
Someone raise a hand, look
Momma you did all that you could
Momma you did all that you could
It’s really all good but
You just can’t teach fatherhood
You can’t teach fatherhood
Someone help me look
Have you seen him?

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